Getting to the Root – The Open Water Kit – Control and Kill Cattails and Water Lilies

Reveal the open water of your pond or lakefront more safely and more completely with the Open Water Kit®. Control and kill cattails, water lilies, grass, weeds, poison ivy and woody brush in and around ponds and lakes.

Emergent plants are often found along the shoreline and their stems are somewhat firm. Lake Restoration’s Open Water Kit® includes a systemic herbicide that will kill both the plant and the root. It also includes an adjuvant to help the herbicide spread across the leaf, break down the waxy cuticle, and penetrate into the plant. These two products mix with water for easy application.

Cattails and water lilies can quickly ruin a pond or lake’s visual and recreational benefits. Control is best achieved through killing of the root system by application of herbicide to the leaves that are above the water. Using our treatment method, you simply spray the portions of the emergent weed that can be reached, wetting them thoroughly. There is no need to spray from multiple directions. Garden sprayers with a gallon or two capacity work well for this application.

Each Open Water Kit® treats up to 14,000 square feet of plants and you can eliminate unwanted grasses and weeds on your beach and shore. Our kit is excellent for making a nice beach area above the water line!