Control Excess Nutrients

Many people ask how to get rid of excess nutrients. The following options can be considered for how to control excess nutrients.


Manual/Mechanical Control:

If you are considering how to remove excess nutrients, physically changing the water can be an effective method of control. However, this is only realistic for very small ponds.


Non-Herbicide Control:

Depending on your pond’s needs, there are multiple options for how to get rid of excess nutrients that offer great control.

  1. SparKlear (for ponds or lakes) – granules that are broadcast or liquid that is diluted and sprayed into the treatment area. The beneficial bacteria dissolve the excess nutrients, fast acting.
  2. PhosControl (for ponds or lakes) – fine granules (almost a powder) that are broadcast into the treatment area. Bonds with the free phosphorus and other inorganic particles.


When treating excess nutrients,

  • Apply SparKlear every 2-4 weeks when air temperatures are 50-90° F.
  • Use PhosControl when there is minimal plant and algae growth.
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