How to Control Algae

There is always algae present in any body of water, and there are thousands of varieties of algae. The two main categories of algae are planktonic and filamentous. planktonic algae make the water appear cloudy, murky, or like paint or oil has been spilled. Filamentous algae start growing at the bottom of the pond or lake on rocks, branches, etc. and form long strings that float to the top, forming floating mats on the water. There are also two types of algae that look like submerged plants: Chara algae and starry stonewort.

Manual/ Mechanical Control:

Manually pulling filamentous algae mats from the water can be effective. Careful removal of all bits of Chara algae or starry stonewort can reduce the growth rate of these specific algae.

Algaecide Control:

Copper-based algaecides are the most common control method and come in liquid form or granules. Trout, koi, and channel catfish have a sensitivity to copper, so a sodium carbonate based algaecide is the alternative; these are fine granules. Keep scrolling for recommended algaecides.

Common Weeds

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Pond Algae

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