Killing Floating Pond Weeds; A Step Towards A Healthy Pond

Improving the health of your pond or lake can often be a multi-step process. If your goal is killing floating pond weeds you might have to look a little deeper into your pond’s overall health. Simply removing weeds like duckweed, watermeal, water hyacinth or water lettuce is just one part of the process.

First make sure that you know what you are dealing with. The easiest way to identify that you do indeed have a floating pond weed issue is knowing for sure that there is no root system attached to the ground of your pond. This might make you think that killing floating pond weeds will be easy, but their very strength and survival is largely based on their mobility. In the case of duckweed, this floating weed can be easily transferred from one place to another on, you guessed it, the bodies of migratory birds.

Getting rid of your floating pond weeds is a great first step towards improving a pond’s health. And for that purpose we recommend that you use PONDRestore®. But like most invasive plant species, floating pond weeds thrive in an environment that has an imbalance of nutrients in the water such as an excess of phosphorus and nitrogen, so your next step is just as important. Once you’ve got the floating plants in your water under control, it’s time to get the proper nutrient balance back as well. The goal is to make it so your pond or lake isn’t quite so easy to re-infest the next time a duckweed dabbled bird lands in it.

For this complete pond overhaul we recommend our PONDRestore® Ultra kit. The kit includes PondRestore® which will not only kill your floating pond weeds, but will also help you control other such invasive plant species as milfoil and hydrilla. The rest of the kit includes Mizzen® algaecide, PhosControl® to get your pond’s phosphorus levels back in balance, and SparKlear® to restore your pond’s health by reducing the nutrients that enable weeds to grow in the first place. The kit also comes with our Sapphire Bay® blue dye to restore your pond’s color to a beautiful blue.

Using these products as instructed is sure to get your pond back to its beautiful self, but there are also a few other benefits of both the PONDRestore® and PONDRestore Ultra® products. Not only will you get great results in 30-45 days, but there are no restrictions on swimming or fishing! Don’t forget, algae is a floating weed too, these products are great for controlling algal blooms in lakes as well.