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Pond Weed, Lake Weed and Algae Control Kits

Our pond and lake weed control kits were developed from a long history of treating pond and lakes, knowing that our customers want an all-in-one weed control solution they can apply themselves.

Browse our kits below to find the right solution for your weed control needs. 

Kits for Entire Bodies of Water

PONDRestore® Ultra

The PONDRestore® Ultra kit is the best solution for treating entire water bodies such as ponds that are ranging in size from 2500 sq ft and smaller all the way up to 10 acres in size, and larger.

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Controls submerged weeds, floating weeds and algae for the entire season with easy to use products. PONDRestore® is meant for treating entire bodies of water.

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PONDRestore® Ultra - Extended Care

Add Extended Care Kits to your PONDRestore® Ultra for season long control.

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Kits for Docks and Swimming Areas

RestoreAccess® Ultra

The RestoreAccess® Ultra kit is the best solution for treating select areas such as around docks and in swimming areas.

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RestoreAccess® Ultra G

This kit includes granular Hydrothol Granular and MUCKMAID®. Hydrothol Granular controls nearly all submerged weeds including: milfoil, hydrilla, and curlyleaf. MUCKMAID® consumes nutrients and silt that help aquatic weeds grow.

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Control submerged weeds and algae around docks and swimming areas.

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Kits for Watermeal

PONDRestore® Ultra Watermeal

The PONDRestore® Ultra W kit is the best solution for treating select areas that have watermeal.

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Cattail and Water Lily Control Kit

Open Water Kit

Open Water Kit®

Liquid herbicide for treating emergent weeds such as cattails and water lilies.

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