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Spritflo™ herbicide (Fluridone) controls duckweed and nearly all submerged pond weed varieties, except algae.

  • Active Ingredient 41.7% Fluridone (Substitute for Sonar® AS)
  • Allow 30 - 45 days for best results
  • Great for entire bodies of water but not meant for treating a portion of a pond or lake.
  • Stays suspended in the water for longer control
  • Available in a number of sizes
  • Concentrated formula

For a more complete solution, we recommend a pond weed control kit such as PONDRestore®.

Spritflo™ Fluridone Herbicide is a great product for controlling duckweed and other aquatic vegetation.  Spritflo™ Herbicides main active ingredient is 41.7% Fluridone. Spritflo™ is a direct substitute for Sonar As Liquid and Alligare Fluridone, for Less!

Spritflo™ Fluridone herbicide is a proven and popular active ingredient for controlling aquatic weeds in fresh water ponds.  Spritflo™ Fluridone Herbicide effectively controls a wide range of floating and submersed aquatic vegetation, including duckweed.

A Lake Restoration, Inc. product.

Types of Plants Controlled:

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