Leafy Pondweed

Isolated close up of leafy pondweed on white background.

Leafy pondweed has thread like branching stems. Submersed leaves are green to bronze, thin, and linear. Brown flowers grow in clusters.

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Horned Pondweed

Horned pondweed floating in a cluster at the surface of the water.

Horned pondweed roots, stems, and leaves are all long and thread like. It has tiny single flowers in May or June. The seeds are horn shaped.

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Waterthread Pondweed

Isolated close up of waterthread pondweed on white background.

Waterthread pondweed’s stems are thread like. Submersed leaves are thin and straight. Floating leaves are leathery with a rounded base.

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Variable Leaf Pondweed

Close up of variable leaf pondweed floating on water.

Variable leaf pondweed’s submersed pointy leaves grow more than five inches long. Floating leaves can be almost three inches long with longer leaf stalks.

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Ribbonleaf Pondweed

Close up of ribbonleaf pondweed from above.

Ribbonleaf pondweed’s submersed leaves are floppy and bright green to reddish. They grow two to 10 inches long and nearly a half inch wide.

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Widgeon Grass

Mat of widgeon grass floating at the surface of the water.

Widgeon grass has thin branched stems and sharp pointed leaves that are thread like. Flower spikes can emerge slightly and are brown to yellow.

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Variable Leaf Watermilfoil

Variable leaf watermilfoil in an aquarium.

Variable leaf watermilfoil has thick reddish stems and can have submersed and emersed leaves that are feathery, limp, and deeply divided.

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Small cluster of quillworts growing underwater.

Quillwort leaves are quill like and grow from one central stand in swampy areas. Leaves are arranged in a spiral.

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Indian Swampweed

Indian swampweed underwater.

Indian swampweed has compound leaves with opposite leaflets that can be emersed or submersed and are broader at the tip. This plant is uncommon.

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Duck Lettuce

Duck lettuce floating in water with leaves and two flowers.

Young duck lettuce leaves are linear and become oblong, oval, or heart shaped as they mature. Some flowers stand above the surface with white petals.

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Brittle Naiad

Isolated brittle naiad on white background.

Brittle naiad has dark green leaves with serrated edges. Leaves grow two-tenths of an inch long. Flowers can grow to three-fourths of an inch.

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Flowering Rush

Flowering rush flowers, some buds, some open, some spent on a single plant.

Flowering rush can be submersed or emersed and has round stems that can grow up to four feet tall. Clusters of pink flowers grow on a single stalk.

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Small Pondweed

Small pondweed produces only submersed leaves that are light green and nearly three inches long and less than a quarter inch wide.

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American Pondweed

American Pondweed has elliptical shaped floating leaves that are green and often have brown spots.

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Floating Leaf Pondweed

Floating leaf pondweed has long, narrow, stiff submersed leaves and two to four inch long floating leaves on long stalks.

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Marine Naiad

Marine naiad close up of spikes and stems.

Marine naiad is a submerged plant with small brittle leaves that are stiff and toothed.

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Parrot Feather

Parrot feather has feathered leaves that come above the water’s surface and can look like they are made of plastic.

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Eurasian Watermilfoil

Eurasian Watermilfoil has feather like leaves with 14-20 pairs of leaflets whorled around the hollow stem along the entire length of the plant.

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Chara Algae

Chara algae close up on top of water

Chara appears like a submerged plant, but it is not truly rooted. Chara is branched with whorls of leaf-like structures.

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Sago Pondweed

Sago Pondweed

Sago pondweed has many thread like submersed leaves that alternate and grow up to six inches long with a sharp point on the end.

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