Asian Marshweed

Asian marshweed with one flower starting to bloom.

Asian marshweed has frilly submersed leaves, oval emersed leaves, and small lavender flowers with an upper lip.

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Giant Arrowhead

Giant arrowhead leaf and flowers.

Giant arrowhead has robust leaf stalks and large leaves that emerge. Flowers have three white petals with a red spot and yellow stamen.

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Broadleaf Arrowhead

Broadleaf arrowhead group with flowers growing out of water.

Broadleaf arrowhead has angled stems and arrowhead shaped leaves that can grow up to 10 inches long and wide. One-inch flowers have three white petals.

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Aquatic Forget Me Not

Aquatic forget me not large cluster with flowers.

Aquatic forget me not has lance shaped leaves and pale blue flowers that have five petals each and a yellow center.

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American Water Willow

American water willow growing in a line in a lake.

American water willow has round stems and alternate sword shaped leaves. Flowers have four petals that are violet or white; the bottom one has pink spots.

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American Water Plantain

American water plantain growing at edge of pond.

American water plantain grows on muddy banks and has green elliptical shaped leaves with small pink or white flowers.

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American Lotus

American lotus in groups with flowers and buds.

American lotus has huge round green leaves that may be cupped above the water slightly and yellow flowers with a cone shaped seed pod in the center.

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American Featherfoil

American featherfoil single plant.

American featherfoil has finely divided floating leaves and inflated flower stems standing in groups above the water with small white flowers.

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Alligatorweed group with flowers growing out of pond edge.

Alligatorweed grows close to the ground with reddish stems and sword shaped green leaves.

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Floating Primrose

Floating primrose close up with flowers

Floating primrose’s leaves emerge from the water’s surface and the plant blooms with five petal yellow flowers.

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Parrot Feather

Parrot feather has feathered leaves that come above the water’s surface and can look like they are made of plastic.

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Pickerelweed in group in water with flowers

Pickerelweed has elongated heart shaped leaves with violet blue flowers.

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Bulltongue Arrowhead

Bulltongue arrowhead in water with a few flowers.

Bulltongue arrowhead has firm leaves that taper at both ends. Leaves can grow a foot long and three inches wide. Flowers have three white petals.

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Phragmites in large clusters in water

Phragmites have round, hollow stems with a seed head at the end of the stem.

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Cattails cluster close up

Cattails are most easily identified by their brown, cylindrical flowers.

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Bulrush stems and flowers close up

Bulrushes are long grass like plants with brown spiky flowers that bloom in spring.

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Watershield leaves in hand close up

Watershield’s floating leaves are smaller than lilies, green on the top and brown and slimy on the bottom; flowers are typically brownish.

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Water Lily


Water lilies are rooted with large round leaves that have a notch in them; they flower in summer.

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